What is the light therapy lamp for nail nail?

  • Release date:08-01-2018
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    Nail is the process of disinfection, cleaning, nursing, […]

    Nail is the process of disinfection, cleaning, nursing, maintenance, modification and beautification based on the shape, shape, skin and clothing color of guests.
    At present, nail polish is mostly used in phototherapy, and the solidification principle of light effect solidifying glue in methacrylic gum will be solidified under UV irradiation. The lamp we take is actually ultraviolet lamp. The wavelength of ultraviolet lamp used in nail shots is usually 320-400nm, which belongs to the UVA range. It doesn't cause serious damage to the skin, but it will make the skin tan and aging.
    The LED light therapy lamp is better than the UV and other lights on the skin and eyes. Because the wavelength of LED lamp is longer than that of UV lamp, a LED lamp can be dried in 30 seconds or so, while the ordinary UV lamp takes 3 minutes to dry. For the thinner armour armor enthusiasts, the LED lamp has a burning feeling of pain that slows down than the UV lamp. The UV lamp can do phototherapy glue all brands and nail glue, but LED can do all the Polish glue but not necessarily be able to do phototherapy glue  ~ so from totipotent, a stroke above UV lamp