What color does your hand fit?

  • Release date:01-08-2017
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    1, The hand color of the dark you Try to choose dark na […]

    1, The hand color of the dark you
    Try to choose dark nail, such as black, red, dark blue and so on. The most important thing is to avoid the choice of fluorescent colors and bright colors, such as orange, purple and so on.
    2, hand color yellow you
    You should choose some light-colored nail, such as milk brown, nude color and so on. Because of this color and skin color close, can be very good to modify the hand color, so that your hand looks more natural.
    3, the hands of the white you
    All kinds of colors you can try, especially recommended is the purple and orange lines, hand white party is the only one can control the orange nail!
    4, approximate color with the law
    If you do not want to do pure color nail, then suggest that you can choose the color of similar nail color, mainly refers to the relatively similar color, such as red with orange, black with gray, yellow with green and so on.
    5, complementary color with the law
    Bold hit color is your good choice. Complementary colors mainly refers to a strong contrast between the colors, such as black with pink, yellow with blue, even the classic black and white can be considered !

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