UV-LED light source product solutions

  • Release date:05-02-2018
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    1, The effective wavelength of high energy, high utiliz […]

    1, The effective wavelength of high energy, high utilization, low energy consumption: UV-LED is formed by the semiconductor electronic transition UV light, according to the different semiconductor materials, can be issued within a single wavelength of 365-405nm light. What's more, it emits directional light with a small angle of illumination and effectively uses up to 80% of the light energy of the working surface. In short, UV-LED can save more than 80% of the power consumption compared with UV mercury lamp.
    2, The real cold light, no heat radiation, does not damage the irradiated material: UV-LED light source is a single wavelength of light, more than 90% of the energy concentrated in the required UV segment, is a true cold light source, therefore, LED light source In the heat-sensitive substrates, optical lenses, electronic products, optical fibers and other high-precision bonding applications, is the best colored curing light source.
    3, Energy attenuation, long service life: UV-LED light source of light energy stability, uniform illumination, do not need fiber optic transmission and other accessories. LED chip design life are generally more than 30,000 hours, light machine warranty are used in more than 1 year.
    4, The instantaneous start light source, without preheating, instantaneous output power adjustable: UV-LED light source start-up reaction time of microseconds, can achieve full power output that is, and in discontinuous operating environment, the switch at any time. At the same time with the  switch control system, can greatly save energy consumption.
    5, Light size, installation, replacement convenient: UV-LED luminous efficiency, small size, the use of low environmental requirements, easy to install in different work environments, replace.
    6, Environmental pollution-free light source: UV-LED light source does not contain toxic substances in the production process does not produce toxic substances, can fully meet the international RoHS standards, REACH regulations.

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