Types of Manicure

  • Release date:13-11-2017
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    1, Nail painting: use special nail paint on the surface […]

    1, Nail painting: use special nail paint on the surface of an illustration.
    2, Nail drawing: use nail polish and two with a pen, draw a simple and beautiful pattern.
    3, Nail brushing: using inkjet printer and special inkjet pigment, spray a variety of gradual color effect on the nail surface.
    4, Patch a: nail glue for special use, will be affixed or half affixed to the surface of a piece of film, thus creating a slender nail shape, poor ventilation.
    5, Crystal A: crystal powder, crystal liquid to create a beautiful shape. Crystal armor originated in Hollywood. It is characterized by strong texture, wear resistance, not easy to break.
    6, Phototherapy resin A: crystal nail is a new product, it is colorless and tasteless, does not contain chemical substances, is the use of ultraviolet light on the natural resin polymerization on the surface of a genuine, resulting in a tough, shiny nails. It not only hurt nail, contrary to increase the strength of nails, as long as every two to three weeks a nail repair, it has a form of sustainable beautiful Bach fingernails, even on weekdays painted ordinary nail polish, nail polish will because of the resin backing and become not easy to fall off, easy to clean.