To avoid the top ten nail errors (on the article)

  • Release date:20-07-2017
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       Beauty who love nail, but inappropriate nail action […]

       Beauty who love nail, but inappropriate nail action will not only destroy the effect of nails, but also affect the health of the nail shape to do a good job are destroyed, the following is a nail error, let everyone pay attention.To avoid the top ten nail error on the right!
       1 .do not use base oil
       A lot of beauty smear nail will ignore a step, that is, apply nail base oil. In fact, the steps to nail the base oil can not be ignored! Base oil can be effectively given nail full impact, so that the next step in painting art nail has a more perfect base.
       2. Eliminate the stratum corneum
       Our body must have a stratum corneum, this cuticle is to protect the body of the material, if the nail in the course of the stratum corneum will be completely clean the skin will cause the infection, likely to cause infection, to enter the body to facilitate the bacteria.
       3. Wash nail tools
       If you often do nail, it is necessary to clean the nail tools, and the conditions of the best regular disinfection, especially in the nail salon to do nail, this cleaning work is to do a good job!
       4. sitting in a massage chair to do nail
       A lot of beauty salon will provide guests with the perfect comfortable nail position, especially the toes of the nail, sitting in a massage chair to do nail more comfortable! Rhitherigma calling compositions.ashwinding compositions.ireomen Desired of outcome, and Rhitheric calling rounds.ireitherans calling rounds.s.
       5. Makeup cotton swab clean nail
       Many beautiful women like to use a cotton swab clean nail, in fact, although the use of portable, but for nail and no good, contaminated residual nail easy to destroy the aesthetic aesthetic of art.
       6. Apply thick nail polish
       In the process of nail, to the nail smear thick nail polish seems to look very generous, but this thick nail polish makes it difficult for nails to kill in a short time, damp nail is easy to destroy, the other for nails The breath is also extremely harmful.
       7. shake the nail bottle
       Shake the nail oil bottle easy to let the air into the nail polish, smearing time will cause bubbles, not easy to achieve the perfect nail effect, so do not shake the nail bottle!
       8. Apply nail polish in hot season
       Nail polish is essentially a liquid, with volatile, so in the hot season smear nail polish is not easy to dry, easy to cause sticky feeling, the best way is to apply hot oil during the hot season hot seasoning.
       9. Use quick-drying powder
       A lot of beauty in the finished nail after the use of quick dry powder so that nail effect immediately dry, in fact, this practice is not scientific, the correct way is to use electric drying nail equipment.
       10. Setback nails
       The use of nail tan can make the shape of the nail look more perfect, but back and forth nail will cause the production of nail dandruff, if the poor technology, the shape of the fall out of the very ugly not natural.
       11. Ultraviolet light drying nail
       UV light is not good for hand beauty! If you are particularly concerned about the whitening of both hands, you can use the electric fan with electric grill equipment so that nail quickly dry.
       12. Hot water is the natural enemy of nail
       If you spend a lot of money on the nail salon to do nail, then the best six hours do not use hot water to clean the hand. Because the hot water will destroy the nail, if you want to dishwash the best to wear gloves, if you want to wash your hair, etc., it is best to finish after six hours.