The principle of light therapy lamp

  • Release date:29-01-2018
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    Manicure lamp, also known as the nail light therapy lig […]

    Manicure lamp, also known as the nail light therapy light. It is dedicated to the drying of light therapy glue in the manicure process, and it is used in nail salon. There are two kinds of nail lights, one is the ultraviolet lamp, the other is the LED lamp. The main wavelength of ultraviolet is =370nm. The wavelength is visible light, which is harmless to the eyes, but it is recommended not to look directly at the tube for a long time, but it has good drying and sterilization effect.
    Principle: the principle that the curing reaction of the light effect glue in the oil glue will have the curing reaction under ultraviolet radiation is carried out, and the lamp of the nail photo is actually the ultraviolet lamp. The wavelength of ultraviolet lamp used in nail shots is usually 320-400nm, which belongs to the UVA range. It doesn't cause serious damage to the skin, but it will make the skin tan and aging.
    Do light therapy mea, skin thinning after exfoliation, if not coated with sunscreen light light treatment light is more likely to lead to skin aging. Therefore, although the light treatment light is harmless, but also should pay attention to the hand care and maintenance.