The correct coating of nail polish

  • Release date:22-08-2017
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    Make beautiful makeup basic homework is now the beauty […]

    Make beautiful makeup basic homework is now the beauty of the girls are like nail, many girls regularly patronize nail shop, for their own slender hand maintenance. This is also an expense. If you like DIY nail crush, do it yourself is a very good choice. Then you can know the correct nail polish method?
    Now we explain the basic steps for nail color, teach you to do the most basic beauty makeup.
    Step 1: the bottom of the oil on the surface of a layer of base oil is essential nail steps to avoid the nail polish damage nails. The bottom of the oil can help our nails and nail polish to do isolation, to avoid pigmentation.
    Step 2: fingertip color To make the nail after the good will not be out of the fingertips that a "white line", do not forget to help in the face before the color, first rub the nail polish at the fingertips.
    Step 3: the middle part of the nail color nail color must be in accordance with the correct steps to make a uniform surface color, because the first smear the middle, in the application of the left and right sides, three to complete the color of the action.
    Step  4: nail on both sides of the part of the color in the middle of a good way, then the two sides coated with the corresponding nail polish.
    Step 5: the second color, such as the first painted nail polish 8 dry time, you can carry out the second color, the second color is to make the color more full and more smooth.
    Step 6: remove the color, remove the color with orange sticks clearly wipe the fingernails on the fingertips. ,
    Step 7: painted oil, painted a good oil, and then scrape the light oil, increase the luster of nails. The above is the correct coating of nail polish.