The Attentions of Summer Manicure

  • Release date:19-07-2016
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    With a pair of beautiful nails is the pursuit of each g […]

    With a pair of beautiful nails is the pursuit of each girl.It is proud of putting a pair of beautiful hands out to show the beautiful nails for every girl.Having beauty is important, but health is more important.It is very trouble if in the process accidentally Manicure infection, suffering from onychomycosis, tinea disease.

    1. Do not be too frequent Manicure. If you manicure too frequently , let the nail damage, decreased immunity, prone to nail diseases.
    2. Should pay more attention to health.The weather is too hot and humid in summer, fungi are more likely to breed. So you should pay more attention to health.To the good sanitary conditions Manicure shop for Manicure, lest Manicure improper with onychomycosis
    3.Manicure program don't be too complicated. Hands sweat easily in summer, manicure should be as simple as possible, too complex Manicure program will only make the nails become unhealthy.
    4.To pay attention to the use of bottom oil.Bottom oil is very important to reduce the damage of the nail, especially in the summer, it should use the base oil to some protection, so that can reduce the nail polish for nail damage.
    5.Some female Have a gray nail and they will cover the ugly with nail polish.It is wrong to do that, not only can not make nails better, but also to increase the severity of the disease.