Nail polish need to choose a good color

  • Release date:18-12-2017
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    Nail polish rose red color, red, meat color, bean color […]

    Nail polish rose red color, red, meat color, bean color, silver and so on. The most popular nail polish is translucent pink and beige, light-colored nail polish today is the most fashionable. Nail polish can be any color, you do not have to buy a lot of nail polish to cope with changes in color clothing, just buy a few main colors, and the original color at hand, with overlapping color or partition color method The deployment of nail polish, you will receive unexpected results.
    Overlapping color, can be coated with a layer of high brightness brilliant color, and then coated with a layer of pearl textured space color, that is, to create a different color effect. Partition color, the fingertips and nails can be painted with the front contrast color do with; or ten fingernails divided into two regions, you can also use two and more than two colors, the interval painted with contrasting colors, or with a coordinated color . French nails in the nail above the crescent coated with different colors and primary colors. If the background color is white, you can apply bright red and black contrasting colors on the crescent; or apply the colors of tender orange, yellow, pink blue or pink on the white background. The form of nails can be divided into full-moon and crescent-type.