Nail polish color choice

  • Release date:04-12-2017
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    Suitable for their own needs and occasions • Fashion gi […]

    Suitable for their own needs and occasions
    Fashion girl
    Highlight the exaggerated personality and new colors can make people have a feeling of vitality, youthful vitality blows. Nail coated with popular colors, even apparel flat, will give a refreshing feeling, walking in the street very pull the wind.
    Mature women
    Try to use light yellow, silver nail polish to make a romantic French nails, highlighting the temperament and beauty. Elegant red, light pink or translucent nail polish, gives a fresh and natural feel. More suitable for low-key basic color.
    Gala dinner and social activities
    Bright red gives a warm, positive emotional response, can attract the opposite sex. Gold, purple and other luxurious texture of nail polish, gives a dazzling feeling. With evening dress, will make you more dazzling.