Nail care

  • Release date:08-08-2017
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    First, nail maintenance People often love nail biting, […]

    First, nail maintenance
    People often love nail biting, the tip of the nail biting into serrated nails caused by crack or delamination, if not properly handled, will produce a lot of burns.
    In view of this situation, the basic nail maintenance should be carried out. Use a nail knife cut useless nails and soft skin, and then coated with some care oil, strengthen the moisturizing.
    Two, a nail is too long
    If a nail is too long, will cover the nail body, resulting in shorter nail body.
    In view of this situation, still should be based nail care cream, remove more oil soft, soft after softening full cut again. Finally coated with soft skin care oil.
    Three, nail delamination
    Nail clippers in the pruning of nails, if due to careless cracks, it is easy to nail delamination and peeling. At the same time, nails are too dry, but also causes nail layering. So many times you need to give up the use of nail scissors, into a file to use to refer to nail trimming length. The delamination part is repaired with a nail - specific adhesive.
    Four, nail bending
    A normal nail should look straight from side to side, but a fingernail bends forward like a bird's claw.
    To cut the tip of the nail, in order to improve the shape of the nail, the nail maker usually uses false nail bonding.
    Five, nail outside Alice
    A nail sticking out is called anti armour, also refers to the original from the side looks straight nails, the middle part of the depression, the nail tip upward bending phenomenon. The treatment method is the same as that mentioned above.
    Six, nail painting should be fine, fine smear

    When the nail polish, do not let the bristles stick too much nail polish, gently wipe in the bottle position, and straighten the brush.