Nail a little diamond mosaic tips

  • Release date:10-10-2017
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       Many people's nails are not thick enough to break, a […]

       Many people's nails are not thick enough to break, and usually if the nails to stay long, it will be very strange, nor health, but nail polish and harmful to the body, so in order to make the hands look better, many girls will do nail, So, what are the little tips for nail trim?
    1, such as nail polish dry
       Must wait for nail polish, in order to carry out diamond paste, or easy to destroy the good type, but also easy to fall off.
    2, glue
    It is best to use BN brush glue or nail-specific adhesive glue. In the diamond you want to put the surface of the nail polish a little bit of glue in advance, waiting for a period of time, glue dry and then stick to the diamond stick. Sticky finish, with orange sticks dipped in glue, point in the diamond around the base, the use of diamond ring fixed diamond ornaments principle, play a fixed role.
    3, clever use of a drill pen or orange stick, it is best not to hand operation
       You can use the metal drill pen or orange stick dipped in transparent nail polish or glue to take the back of the diamond, and then placed on the nail surface of the transparent nail polish or glue, so that will not stain the surface of the diamond. With metal tweezers or orange sticks in the diamond surface, a little downward pressure, so that the diamond can be attached to the nail surface of the more solid.
    4, paste the diamond can not be painted after the oil
    Pay attention to the glue in the paste, do not touch the surface of the diamond or jewelry, paste finished after the diamond, the nail surface can not be painted bright oil. Diamond surface painted bright oil, will affect the gloss and refraction of diamond ornaments, do not recommend this operation.
    5, do not bump the hard objects
    After the diamond is fixed, it is best not to bump the hard objects in a short time.