Nail a few points

  • Release date:15-08-2017
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    First of all, in the nail polish when the first from th […]

    First of all, in the nail polish when the first from the nail, the root of the middle position to the future, and then along the sides of the nail on both sides of the painted a pen. In other words, in order to prevent nail polish off, make it stay longer, usually brush with a brush on the nail brush three times, first from the middle of a brush, and then to both sides, each time.
    In order to make nail polish can stay on the nail longer, you can also brush on the front of the nail layer, then the whole nail on the oil. Or can be divided into two nail polish, the first time a little brush less, so that easy to dry nail polish, the second batch will be more painted nail polish. After wiping the nail polish, wipe the nail oil stains around the flesh with a cotton swab. Only the daily maintenance of the nails can be used in the use of nail decoration to achieve the desired results. So we pay attention to nail at the same time, should also pay attention to the daily maintenance of nails.