Manicure tips:Eight common misunderstanding

  • Release date:19-07-2016
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    Q1: My natural nails are short, can i Manicure? A:Many […]

    Q1: My natural nails are short, can i Manicure?
    A:Many people think that Manicure is drawing on the long nails, only long fingernails can accept Manicure service. In fact, the primary task of the nail is maintenance and maintenance of the natural nail next to beautify nails, so no matter the length of a nail should accept nail care and nursing service. Short nails are trimmed round neat, coupled with a touch of nail polish color is very clean and healthy, so nail length whether nail not too big effect.
    Q2:There are a lot of corns on my foot and the nails ingrowns, can Manicure teachers deal?
    A:As a beautician cannot replace the cosmetic doctor, Manicure teacher cannot replace the Pedicure technician, the main functions of Manicure division is nursing and beautifying nails or toenails. Pedicure technician is to help customers solve some foot diseases, such as corn, onychocryptosis, etc. For both tools and skills are not the same.
    Special tips: It is best to use your own tools to manicure. That can be clean and sanitary, and also can prevent the spread of germs.
    Q3:Why do the nails become thin and soft after doing phototherapy?
    A:Nail plate is a combination of strength and flexibility, and its flexibility should be attributed to water, nail plate increase the moisture content will increase the flexibility of the nail plate, water will flow upward nail plate from the nail bed. Once they are divided into the surface of the nail plate, they will be evaporated. When the nail plate above do phototherapy armour, part of the water is locked in the nail plate to evaporation caused by excessive moisture in the deck, too much water will cause the nails to become soft, and excess water will inflate the nail, the nail plate, softening and expansion will cause epidermal detachment, so that a soft and thin. But this is only a superficial phenomenon, and not a natural nail really injured. It will be restored to the previous appearance over a period of time.
    Q4:Is manicure harmful to the human body?
    A:A lot of people think of nail products belong to chemical products, it would be harmful to human body. This view is one-sided, nail products belong to the category of cosmetics, cosmetics all belong to chemical products, usually more problems are due to the true merits, high-grade products of good quality, on the human body almost no harm.
    Q5:I feel that there is no obvious effect of hand care, so i do not want to do.
    A:Many people have to care and not actual hope, always want to restore youthful tender in a very short period of time. Nursing project is requires a certain amount of time, to a period of time (about 6 months) can significantly effective, hand care is not the rejuvenation of medicine, it is improve the skin, anti-aging, does not prevent aging, so after adhere to six months in military nursing, and have not done nursing friends of the same age compared can see the obvious effect.
    Q6:Is it necessary to do foot care in the winter?
    A:The part of the body that is exposed (or ready to be exposed) is always protected, and there is no need to accept such a good deal. This concept should be changed, the nursing project from seasonal constraints, each season should have for the project, as, in spring and summer, strong ultraviolet radiation, moisture loss should as replenishment, soothing, autumn and winter dry, should pay attention to moisturizing, repair. Also if you like next summer "amazing a foot", winter should pave the way, don't go to summer cramming, so winter care is very important.
    Q7:My hands are so ugly, there's nothing to do.
    A:Most women do not have to give up because they do not like the beauty of the star. Modification is a love oneself to love other people's way of life, nothing can stop the people's pursuit of beauty, even if the nail grows is not full, slender, but it can still be dressing clean and tidy, even if not soft hand skin care can make it restore the beautiful, beautiful nails can bring you more unexpected harvest. Beautiful hand makes you feel confident, confident woman is beautiful.
    Q8:Diamond nail painting flowers, too exaggeration?
    A:Some people may be misleading by Manicure publicity photos, said the nails painted flowers that brightly coloured nails, in fact, Manicure divided into practical and ornamental type and performance, who designed more exaggerated nails are usually interspersed with works of art, nail decoration can reveal the beauty of the details Manicure!