Maintenance of healthy nail tips

  • Release date:19-09-2017
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       In social situations, there is a need for bright fin […]

       In social situations, there is a need for bright fingernailsWomen in addition to focus on the color of white teeth, more than a pair of envious bright fingernails. Nails grow quickly and often need to be trimmed. But often because of the incorrect way to cut nails, causing infection and injury to health. In addition to learning the correct nail fingering method, we often also ignore the maintenance of nails. Especially in social interaction, these small details, often people make a discount, lost a good opportunity.
       Maintenance of healthy nail tips
       1, do not bit the nails. Often because of bad habits or pressure, like biting nails, often caused by nail tear and infected bacteria.
       2, to add vitamin zinc. Zinc nutrition can accelerate the division of cells to help nail healthy growth.
       3, regular pruning nails. Especially to always trim the embedded nails, in order to avoid the compression of shoes, resulting in subcutaneous infection and swelling pain.
       4, often disinfection nail scissors. It is best to have a dedicated nail scissors, and often disinfected to prevent inappropriate substitutions caused by the use of bacterial infection.
       5, to avoid the use of excessive nail polish smear. Healthy nails need to breathe, too much coverage of chemical substances, will make nails become fragile, easy to break.
       6, often massage your nails. This can improve blood circulation, increase nail health and luster.