Low-pressure UV lamp that germicidal lamp is mainly used for sterilization

  • Release date:02-01-2018
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    1, Low-pressure UV lamp that germicidal lamp is mainly […]

    1, Low-pressure UV lamp that germicidal lamp is mainly used for sterilization, the other UV-B is also mainly used for UV testing, medical treatment.
    2, Strong UV high pressure mercury lamp made of high quality pure quartz tube, so that a high degree of ultraviolet light and a large number of penetration, the arc length / light length from 5 cm to 300 cm, the common power of 30W per cm to 200W, ultra-high power UV lamp is generally operated at 200W or above per centimeter, the effective spectrum of the lamp is between 350-450nm, the main peak is 365nm, there are more than 700 varieties, the power is from 100w-25kw. UV Curing or UV Coating, UV curing is a photochemical reaction that liquid UV irradiation curable material by printing or coating to the substrate or workpiece surface, the process of curing by UV light irradiation, UV curing and the traditional drying process is similar, However, the principle is different from that of traditional drying which is generally formed by the evaporation of the solvent in the coating material, whereas the UV-curable cross-linking is solvent-free.
    3, Metal halide lamps in mercury and argon containing mercury UV lamp based on the addition of iron-doped, potassium-doped or other rare earth metal elemental blending. Iron-doped halogen lamps in particular enhanced 380hm as the highest peak. Mainly used in ink, paint curing, dry film, wet film, green solder mask exposure. In the screen printing and curing in the color, especially the thicker coating products and white, black and have a prominent effect.