Learn fingertip color matching

  • Release date:09-08-2017
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       Exquisite makeup 100 points, fashionable dress 100 p […]

       Exquisite makeup 100 points, fashionable dress 100 points, why always after the elaborate dress found the shortcomings of what? Stretched out his hands, no modification of the nails, the perfect shape instantaneous collapse, choose a suitable for their nail color, is an indispensable step in modeling. According to personal color, preferences, seasons, occasions, screening nail color, perfect for the overall shape points, master the color of the fingertips secret, exudes attractive female charm.

    How to choose nail polish color according to skin color
    Dark yellow color of the female, suitable for pink orange, pink, rose, beige, partial orange brown; not suitable for partial purple color.
    Reddish women, suitable for light orange, light pink, light brown, pink and purple; not suitable for too red color.
    Wheat color of women, suitable for nude color, beige, partial white lines, can form a strong contrast with the skin bright colors.
    White skin color of women, suitable for any bright colors, such as powder, red, orange, purple, etc . not suitable for too dull color.

    Nail polish color with the principle: find the right nail polish color match, so that your fingertips more perfect.
    Oriental skin color is generally more yellow, so be careful to choose gray and yellow nail polish, because it will make the skin become more bleak.
    Mature and dignified women, may wish to use pure white and silver nail polish made of French nail, will give people an elegant, beautiful feeling.
    Gold, red, purple and other colors have a relatively thick texture of luxury, to attend some important dinner and social activities, you can choose this color to match the gorgeous evening dress, will make you more eye-catching dazzling.
    Office workers or students should choose a stable, natural color, such as bare pink, light pink.

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