How to protect nails from nail polish is no longer vulnerable

  • Release date:25-09-2017
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       Many women are very like to drink nail polish, mainl […]

       Many women are very like to drink nail polish, mainly nail polish painted very beautiful, a good color will look white and long fingers, but the biggest drawback of nail polish is easy to fall, will become very ugly, To this end in the learn nail polish also need to learn to unload nail polish.
       1. Use nourishing oil to wash nail polish
       In the nail polish coated with a thin layer of Cleansing Oil, wait a few minutes later, the file can be a little nail file directly file, ten fingers quickly get.
       2. Use nail protective film to wash nail polish
       Before the nail polish, the use of nail protective film, to be dry, the nail on the formation of a layer of transparent film to protect the nail from nail polish damage. After the nail polish, peeling off the protective film at the same time also peel off the nail polish, no smell, no nails.
       3. Use nail polish to wash nail polish
       With the new nail polish painted on the nail polish to be unloaded, a few seconds immediately wiped with paper on it. The new nail polish took the old nail polish away.
       4. Use water-based glue to wash nail polish
       Before the nail polish, painted on the nail a thin layer of water-based glue, and other glue dry, and then coated with nail polish. When you want to change nails, gently pull on the side of the nail, you can tear off the nail polish, fast and simple.
       5. Use nail armor to wash nail polish
       Unarmed nail cloak is rich in a drop of liquid, you can wash your fingers on all the nail polish.
       6. Use nail polish to wash nail polish
       Sequined nail polish is a lot of people's favorite, but the unloading tablets nail polish pain we do not have to elaborate. Each of the independent packaging contains aloe essence, rich in the removal of liquid, sequins nail polish are nothing to say, ordinary nail polish is a small difference.