How to make nail polish long?

  • Release date:24-10-2017
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       1, The edge of the nail on the edge of the good trea […]

       1, The edge of the nail on the edge of the good treatment of nail polish, we need to nail the edge of the Ganpi to deal with good, do not apply nail polish to the skin. Because if the nail polish to the skin, the nail polish will flow into the gap between the edge and nails, from this position began to cause nail polish off.

       2, Nail polish before the first shake shake the first bottle of oil, so that the nail polish moderate moderate, with a nail polish the amount of nail polish. Note that do not dip too much, so when the smear will be difficult to grasp, and a bit too much nail polish will make the color after the nails look heavy, but not good. Teach you a little trick, lift the nail polish, nail polish into the bottle shall prevail.
    3, Nail polish to be painted twice in order to make nail polish show more pure effect, make it more color. In the first painted nail polish and then it is not completely dry before the first painted nail polish, is to create a beautiful nail key, because this treatment can make two layers of nails get natural integration, So that the color effect is more good. But here map teacher Xiaobian is to remind everyone that everything should be moderate, do not for the color and repeatedly painted four or five layers of nail polish, but this is more likely to cause nail polish off.
       4, Nail polish brush is not suitable for hard pressure in the nail polish, we can not nail polish brush flat hard pressure on the nail, this is very easy to lead to uneven nail polish situation, the correct method is smear The nail polish gently stroked a face, and then gently rub on.
    5, To keep a clean face Before applying nail polish, we must keep a clean face, the nail on the oil and moisture completely removed clean. Because if the nail on the possession of oil and water, when the nail polish is not easy to fit the nail, this is also caused by nail easy to peel one of the reasons.
    6, Pay attention to coated armor oil In addition, we also need to pay attention to coated with armor oil, probably every three days to apply once, it can prevent the peeling off the nail polish, but also to make nails show bright luster, color More lasting.