How to maintain nails

  • Release date:04-09-2017
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       Summer comes, summer people are happy to be bad? Man […]

       Summer comes, summer people are happy to be bad? Many girls love to do manicure. Do you take good care of your nails? Stretch out your hands and see if your nails are dry and straight Scrape off when you scrape it, and bend when you press it If the nail is not healthy, a stretch of hand, even their own rejection, do not hurry to save it?
    Top1: often do moisturizing nails, but also part of the skin, the lack of water, it will dry crack. Apply the nail polish or hand cream before you wash your hands, or massage before you go to bed, so that the nutrients are absorbed. When you wash the dishes, the ingredients in the dishwasher make your hands dry, so it's better to take plastic gloves, wash them, or wash them to keep them moist.
    Top2: does not use the file using nail trimming nails grinding rod shape, to continue the same direction net grinding, grinding back and forth way will hurt the nail.
    Top3: coated with nail polish care oil, but after use to remove the light water, will make the nails more dry, so try not to use frequently. The best choice for smooth water is without acetone (Acetone-Free). Also, use the nail polish or hand cream to remove moisture after removing.
    Top4: normal eating habits easy to dry or brittle nails, skin should also have easy to dry? So you need to Manicure + skin nutrition intake. The first is the most important protein, both animal and vegetable intake should be; also can help the absorption of protein in the intake of vitamin A, can consolidate the nail strength, egg yolk, dark green, red and yellow vegetables are rich in vitamin A.
    Top5: supplements zinc and zinc is a mineral that helps strengthen nails, making nails stronger and less flexible. People who drink often need to add a lot more, because after consuming alcohol, the body consumes a lot of zinc to break down alcohol. Zinc rich foods are meat, seafood, seaweed, nuts and so on.