How to keep nails look good?

  • Release date:16-10-2017
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       First、What kind of nail are you? Square nail nail fr […]

       First、What kind of nail are you?
    Square nail nail front was a font, both sides of the repair at right angles. This type of arm force evenly, not easy to break, suitable for regular use of nail head work white-collar crush.
       Square round nail nail front was a zigzag, both sides of the repair into a circular arc. This shape of the nail wear, not easy to break, and can make up for the fingers slender, obvious joints defects.
    Round nail nail front into a round, both sides of the line. This shape is very feminine, emitting a mature charm.
    Oval nails from both sides to the fingertips are decorated into oval shape. This shape can highlight the oriental women's gentle and elegant, suitable for more fat hand shape, can make it look slender.
       Second、 the cleaning must be the first step to be clean, and then warm water soak 10-15 minutes, and then remove the horny mild scrub, especially the nail at the dead skin must be clean clean .
       Third、 we must also pay attention to the maintenance of the opponent and nails to protect the nail itself, the situation for the effect of nail has a great impact, so we usually should be good to maintain their nails! For the care of the hand can not be ignored! Then the first should be developed at any time to apply the habit of hand cream, and secondly should pay attention to the relevant parts of the sun and whitening!
       Fourth、 the choice of nail polish is also very important to wash the water containing acetone, nail injury. In general, the slower the wash, the more gentle the wash water. When buying, you can try on the spot to see the speed of unloading oil. Smell the smell is pungent, can also be used as a reference.
       Five、 do not use the nail as a tool to use a lot of women often use it to open the bottle cap, scraping things, it is easy to make nails broken.
       Six、 get rid of the habit of biting nails If you have bitten nail bad habits, please quickly get rid of it! This will not only affect the nail's appearance, not health, easy to cause disease.
       Seven、 choose their own nail polish color European and American nail polish color is gorgeous, Japan and South Korea Department of nail polish color a little elegant.

       Eight、 let the nail polish quick tips small tips you want to nail polish quick work, may wish to learn about the professional nail shop prepared to blow a small fan, at home to prepare two USB interface mini fan, you can even edge of the Internet side Nail polish away.
       Ninth、we must choose some special armor products can be nail base oil, nutritious oil, it can be hand cream, apply hand cream to subconsciously extend the emulsion to the fingertips, if necessary, can also circle Way to do massage, can play the purpose of tough nails.
       Tenth、 for the color of nail polish, according to their own color and preferences to consider their own to carry out nail.