How is nail polish removed? What about long-term use of nail polish?

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    A lot of beauty girls like to use nail polish. Of cours […]

    A lot of beauty girls like to use nail polish. Of course, in the choice of nail polish, the quality of nail polish is also very important. A lot of nail made in the armor of the time, it will be more troubled, then how can the nail polish removed? What is the impact of nail polish in the long run?
    Nail polish

    1, coated with nail polish nail on a thin layer of armor oil. Wait for about 3 to 5 minutes .
    2, with hard things (preferably file nails) directly file, or directly with nail grams can also be.
    3, with half an hour or so, ten fingers all get rid of. The effect is excellent! Nail protective film can be used in the use of nail polish before the nail is now coated with a layer of transparent protection between the protective film, so you can try to reduce the nail polish damage to the nails. In the armor, you can also let the nail back to the appearance before, and no harm. And in the armor of the time do not need to unload the water that can be removed directly.
    Newly coated with nail polish
    If the armor in the unloading of the time, painted a long time to remove the nail polish, but also in the nail above the brush in a layer, and then unloading liquid or remove the towel, then the ratio between the nail polish Easy to remove. This trick is useful, we can try.
    Glue water nail polish ready before the water-based glue, steps: first in the nail with a cotton swab coated with a thin layer of glue, so glue completely dry, and then coated with nail polish. (Note: to use water-based glue, can not contain starch, otherwise it does not work!) When you want to change the nail polish, the nail side of a push, you can tear off the nail polish, because the glue formed a Layer. And with this method, your nail polish in contact with the water (wash the bowl or something) will not.
    Organic solvents can try to use toluene, xylene, ether, butanone scrub to place. General nail polish are organic solvents, this chemical is easy to penetrate the skin of the human body, and the human body is not how good. So it is recommended that we still do not often go to nail polish.
    Must remove armor wipes
    Unloading wipes is very easy to use, in the armor of the time, as long as the fingers into the armor wipes inside, and then wait until the armor all the infiltration of the nail, then hold the nail there, You can remove the nail oil. And armor wipes are easy to carry out.
    Long-term use of nail polish how the body has two parts of the component is 100% keratin, one is the nail, one is the hair. Nails and hair are not soluble in water, and no life characteristics, but the body of a protective structure. When nail polish is applied, the nail polish is dry and the organic solvent used to reconcile the pigment is basically volatile. A small part of the residue, it is difficult to corrupt nails, because the organic solvent is difficult to dissolve the protein, so the basic will not corrupt nails. Long-term nail polish, great damage to the nails, but also on the health of the human body to bring some impact. Because the fingers in the food when the nail polish some of the harmful substances will be integrated into the food inside, then the harmful substances with food into the human body, causing some damage to the body.