Expired nail polish magical effect

  • Release date:30-10-2017
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       For the beauty of the girls, a bottle of two bottles […]

       For the beauty of the girls, a bottle of two bottles of nail polish simply can not meet their needs. So a careless, Tuen Tuen on the Tuen more, so that there are so few bottles of nail polish. Expired, of course, can not be painted on the hand, and could not bear to throw, but do not know what to keep with. Is the expired nail polish only idle? Then the magic of these nail polish tips, so that expired nail polish turned into treasure, hurry up with it!
    Unique personality embellishment
    The nail polish as a multicolored pigments, to live a small item simple color renovation, with a unique personality to create your own custom custom. Such as making creative painted cups, exquisite color cards, cute fridge stickers. In the mirror of the mirror to do a little embellishment to make you suddenly different, tide range of children full!
    To prevent jewelry discoloration
    Amy girls like to dress themselves with jewelry, and that because of oxidation or long-term wear caused by a touch of flaws, the total people are very upset. In fact, as long as the jewelry just bought, especially close to the skin part of a layer of transparent nail polish can be a very good solution to this problem. And then a little embellishment of color will look better!
    Cover the damage of shoes
    Wearing a scratched shoes out of the fashion will make a big discount. Usually when the shoes even if careful, corners are also easy to scratch. At this time with black or brown, with the same color of nail polish shoes, coated with shoes or boots wear scratches, you can cover the shortcomings of the United States shoes, let it a new look.
    To prevent stockings off the wire
    Stockings off the wire is the most distressing, you can point in the hook at the two points a little bit of nail polish. No matter how tight the stockings are broken, there is no need to worry about the place where the wire will be lifted again. The effect is like a strong glue. Brain hole big island businessmen launched five fingers stockings is the nail polish coat to play to the extreme.

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