Easy to learn nail steps tutorial

  • Release date:20-11-2017
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    This Manicure color is very popular small fresh and qui […]

    This Manicure color is very popular small fresh and quiet, such as the quiet blue and pink crystal color, today teach you how to use these two kinds of color to your fingertips for a change of clothes. Come and see how you do manicure.
    Step 1: paint your nails with a white background, which is very uniform without painting, because the color needs to be painted.
    Step 2: take a sponge that is slightly larger than the nail, and put a different color on it.
    Step 3: smear the skin around the edges of the nail to prevent the nail polish from sticking to the skin.
    Step 4: printed on a nail with a painted sponge.
    Step 5: if the color is not obvious enough, you can print it two times. The angle is similar to the previous one.
    Step 6: remove the spill resist with tweezers.
    Step 7: finish with a clear layer of bright oil, which is not gorgeous enough to decorate with bright powder and diamond. This color is as soft as clouds, as sweet as colored cotton candy.